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Bezaleel Consulting Limited welcomes you into its service. We start off by assuring you that our people, our employees, yes, YOU! are the most important strength we possess. It is our habit to collaborate with you in managing your career and be successful.

However, that in itself depends on Bezaleel Consulting’s continuing success and profitability. We specially celebrate our staff members in various locations across the land. Without them, there would not be a Bezaleel consulting HQ. Some elements of these conditions are reflected in your offer letter. Suffice now to reiterate that we cherish:

  • Team-working
  • Respect for one another, and respect for the customer
  • Taking the lead and being passionate
  • Integrity
  • Humility in service
  • Excellent customer service – enjoying rendering quality service
  • Ideation

It is important you go through these few pages so that you may learn more about us. Learning is a life-long venture and we would keep on knowing one another. Our policies are ever evolving, we would endeavour to keep you abreast of developments through the various channels we have in-house - such as the notice boards, e-mails, Bez family gatherings, newsletters, Site Supervisors for out station staff and field officers. You should at all times be on the lookout for such notices and ask questions. Therefore, ignorance will not be accepted as an excuse for non-compliance.

Read through this pack. Enjoy your reading.

  • All functions of appointment, promotion, posting, discipline and termination are management prerogative and therefore not negotiable.
  • Every employee gets a letter of employment encapsulating some of the conditions outlined herein, and others.
  • For this employment to be terminated by either party, four-weeks notice is required, or payment in lieu.
  • All new employees are to supply all relevant bio-data, addresses, schools attended and certificates obtained as stipulated in the employment form and others that may be required of them. In addition, each employee will be required to fill the beneficiary form for the purpose of the Group Life as stipulated in the Pensions Act 2004. Employees should constantly update the information so provided whenever there is a change.
  • Further medical examination is required for the purpose of Group Life by the Insurers and all staff are admonished to make themselves available.
  • If at any point in time, any staff is found to have provided false information, such an employee will be summarily dismissed from the employment of our Company.


Just as an employee gets a letter of employment while joining us, he/she gets a certificate of service while exiting. There is Certificate of Meritorious Service and there is Service Certificate based on the employee’s performance management record while with us.


Employees are prohibited from the following acts which are seriously viewed by Management as unethical and unprofessional:

  • Engaging in any paid occupation other than the work of the company especially works that are in direct competition with the services provided by the company, except by the express permission of the Board
  • Accepting gift indiscriminately from suppliers and vendors without adequately discerning the purpose of such gifts
  • Disclosing to any unauthorized person any fact or information concerning the company’s business
  • Taking and/or giving bribes, graft and inducement in the course of performing assigned task
  • Using company’s properties for unauthorized use, i.e. other than for the company’s business
  • Copying of company documents for unauthorized use
  • Sleeping, gambling, drinking alcohol, causing disorder, conducting private sales or acting in such a way as to distract attention of others while at work
  • Leaving your place of work without permission from your supervisor
  • Smoking in the public areas
  • Dismiss-able offences would include but not limited to the following: Stealing in all its ramifications, fraud, fighting, espionage activities, acts of terrorism by word, action and gestures, harassment, etc


While we take reasonable precautions to ensure the safety of employees’ personal property brought into our various locations, Bezaleel will accept no responsibility in respect of loss or damage to such property. All cars, cycles, accessories are brought in at owner’s risk.


Every employee at HQ would be provided with ‘Bezaleel Identity Card’ while those working on Clients’ premises would be branded by such Clients, and provided identification as appropriate. This card would be worn with a lanyard or a clip and be displayed at all times while at work. This card must be released on exit with other company properties in the employee’s possession.


Our entire workforce is covered under the Workmen’s Compensation Act/Ordinance, however, every staff owes it a duty to himself, the company and to others to exercise the greatest care in doing his work and do his best to prevent the occurrence of accidents at all time. We should be at alert to report any act, behaviour or object that may lead to or cause accident. Having taken maximum care, if any accident occurs, it must be brought immediately to the notice of your Supervisor. It is your duty to familiarize yourself with the location of the First Aid facility.

Any accident not properly reported forfeits your right to claim under the Workmen’s Compensation legislation. In accordance with the provisions of the Workmen’s Compensation, we would take care of the medical bill of all such injuries well reported and documented and the staff would be entitled to the sick leave and other compensation commensurate with the injury.


Bezaleel consulting is a company founded on ideas hence we cherish ideas birthing every moment of the day. We therefore encourage employees to come up with suggestions that will improve our product and service offerings, and thereby add value to our clients businesses.


As part of our Work-Life Balance scheme, HQ officers work very long hours but they work from home most hours of the day. This is in line with our philosophy as a virtual firm of professionals. This also reduces our overhead as we do not pay HQ staff overtime. Employees working in Client organisations would however be guided by the workplan of such organisations in terms of hours work, overtime, workforce management, etc.


In line with our drive to be the most impactful solutions provider and be most reputable organisation for respecting its people, we approach compensation from the Total Rewards perspective. We aspire at all times to pay competitive wage rate by adopting the Market Base Pay remuneration strategy. Most importantly however, pay constitutes a small percentage of our total reward scheme. Our Talent Management scheme, learning and career development, performance and recognition, etc are intricately woven together to form our reward for excellent performance. Your offer letter indicates the Pension and tax components of your pay according to the law.


Our talent management programme is built and operated with two specific aims:

  • Building a talent pipeline for a seamless succession across board
  • Ensuring right people in key seats at any time
  • The employee’s welcome pack has additional reading on Bezaleel consulting’s approach to TM


We have had appreciable success working with the HR, the Production team, and the Workforce management team of some Client organisations in that they have helped us to succeed to a certain extent in training our employees working for them. In collaboration with clients, we identify learning needs, and give our employees close to forty (40) hours (approximately five days) of training on a quarterly basis. Where the employees are entry-level or fresh graduates or lesser qualification, the hours of training needed are far more.

In addition to classroom formal training, hands-on/on-the-job training and Activity learning are two major approaches we do exploit to huge success for our employees bearing in mind our clients’ very tight work schedule. We seek once per annum to get our employees outdoor in batches for team events. The drivers of Bezaleel consulting L & D initiatives are built on these following key imperatives:

  • Shared Knowledge using a Knowledge Management module being developed by our in-house experts
  • Shared Culture
  • Shared Goals, and
  • Shared Efforts


The nature of our businesses put our employees in both unionised and non-unionised workplaces. We work very closely with the HR of unionised entities, while in non-unionised ones, we ensure we have an experienced Site Supervisor who knows about employee relations and have been exposed to Bezaleel consulting’s Employee Engagement module. Conflicts in industrial settings and offices are inevitable. Any employee with a grievance must first report to his/her work manager or supervisor, and then to the site supervisor.

The site supervisor has the responsibility to get the grievance resolved. If he/she encounters any challenges, she/he should immediately contact the Head: People and Strategy at the HQ. Individual grievances not immediately resolved become industrial disputes and conflicts. In all our locations, the target is industrial peace (though not the graveyard peace) and zero tolerance for acrimonious disputes.


As part of our people agenda, we subscribe to a work environment conducive for productivity and getting the best out of people in term of ergonomics, interactions, teaming and learning.Our mode of working, relating to one another, friendship, celebrations, commiserations, mode of dressing, etc are part of the Internal Corporate Social Responsibility bouquet. We frown at sexual harassment from either party as well as visual harassment.The dress code is smart casual. However, when on a business meeting or date, dressing is English formal.


Over time we have been engaged by Clients to work in multicultural and heterogeneous working environment. We thus inculcate in our staff to respect individual’s cultural beliefs, and idiosyncrasies. We do not discriminate on any ground whatsoever especially on the ground of sex, creed, religion, beliefs, etc


The performance of Employees on the field and in Clients Companies would be managed and measured by whichever system that is in operation in such organisations. To constantly raise the bar in customer service, we regularly use our trained Mystery Shoppers who are not known to most employees to gauge the quality of our products, services and people. We do make this quality assessment product available to clients who may want to use it to take their customer care quality up a notch. What gets measured gets done.


As part of Bezaleel consulting’s team-working and ideation culture, we believe no single individual has all the solutions. We therefore encourage employees not to hesitate to bring any issues that are beyond them or are likely to cause a breach to the attention of their managers, supervisors, and/or the site supervisors immediately. However, no employee would be allowed to abuse this process by turning it into upward delegation of his/her legitimately assigned duties and pushing every trivial matter to his/her manager or supervisor. This would be deemed as non-performance on the part of the staff. However, all genuine challenges that need a manager’s attention must be escalated on time to avoid any delays or disruptions to Bezaleel consulting’s and our Clients’ business operations.


We are a recognized Occupational Health and Safety firm. We have a high regard for both physical and mental health. Since 1994, we have not had any occupational health hitches and we are working hard to keep it that way. Each staff is enjoined to support this cause by being very careful in performing assigned tasks. Each employee is covered along with his/her spouse (or the significant other) and four biological or officially adopted children under our medical scheme.


a. Ethical Standards

Bezaleel consulting Limited insists on the highest ethical standards in conducting its business. When faced with ethical issues, employees are expected to make the right professional decision consistent with Bezaleel consulting’s principle and standards.

b. General Guidelines

All employees are urged to become familiar with Bezaleel consulting rules and standards of conduct and are expected to follow these rules and standards faithfully in doing their own jobs and conducting the company’s business within its premises as well as on the Clients’ premises.

c. Attendance and Punctuality

Bezaleel consulting expects employees to be ready to work at the beginning of assigned daily work hours and to reasonably complete their projects by the end of assigned work hours.

d. Absence and Lateness

From time to time, it may be necessary for an employee to be late or absent from work. Bezaleel consulting is aware that emergencies, illnesses, or pressing personal matters that cannot be scheduled outside work hours may arise. It is the responsibility of all employees to contact all affected parties if they arise. It is the responsibility of all employees to contact all affected parties if they will be absent or late or follow the laid out procedures as provided by the CLIENT.

e. Unscheduled Absence

Absence from work for two (2) consecutive days without notifying management or the Human Resource Administration Staff or the Site Supervisor or the Client’s Supervisor will be considered a voluntary resignation.

f. Cell-phone Policy

All Customer Care and Shop consultants are required to switch off and keep their handsets in the lockers provided them by our clients. Customer Care and Shop consultants are not permitted to bring their cell-phones into their work stations as the signal interferes with the headsets used to communicate with callers. Customer Care and Shop consultants that use their cell-phone in the contact centre will be furnished with a written warning.

g. Sleeping at the Workstation

Bezaleel consulting does not tolerate sleeping in the workplace. Any Customer Care and Shop consultants found sleeping continuously in the workplace will be dismissed immediately.

h. Harassment Policy

Bezaleel consulting does not tolerate workplace harassment. Workplace harassment can take many forms. It may be, but is not limited to, words, signs, offensive jokes, cartoons, pictures, posters, e-mail jokes or statements, pranks, intimidation, physical assaults or contact, or violence. Any staff member found guilty of this offence will meet with disciplinary action as befits the offence.

Fraud Alert!!!

Beware of False Recruitment exercise, Improper use of BezaleelConsulting’s name and its e-mail address (

recruitment scamBezaleel Consulting Group, a strategic HR Consulting firm, has come to the knowledge of the false recruitment information allegedly posted by us in several media outlets, advertising job positions in an airline.

Additionally, fraudulent job offers have reportedly been sent via emails by individuals purporting to be the Human Resources (HR) Manager of Bezaleel Consulting, with the intention to defraud unsuspecting candidates.

Bezaleel Consulting hereby dissociates itself from such false job recruitment information and offer of employment contracts published in any newspaper, web sites, emails and others. Bezaleel Consulting did not make nor authorise any such publications.

Members of the general public are hereby notified that:

Do not make any type of payments for job vacancies. Any demand for such payment is unprofessional, unethical and ungodly.

Bezaleel Consulting Group