Bezaleel Leadership & Strategy Training Courses
Leadership & Strategy Training Courses
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Today's leader understands that people are people, and most professionals respond more positively to reason and inspiration rather than to managers who bark orders. Great leaders persuade and can help employees stay plugged in, be more responsive and proactive, given the right set of leadership tools and techniques.

Leaders need a broad perspective, vision, and acute awareness of the trends and developments shaping their organisation. Effective Leadership Training can help organisations and individuals improve and build upon what's currently happening in the organisation and increase performance, motivation, and overall effectiveness for the future.

Our leadership and strategy training courses are about looking beyond the "now" to prepare and position your business for the future. It focuses on the vision of the organisation with emphasis on action for increasing productivity rather than profit.

Our courses are designed for business leaders, mid-level managers and project managers at all levels.

Fraud Alert!!!

Beware of False Recruitment exercise, Improper use of BezaleelConsulting’s name and its e-mail address (

recruitment scamBezaleel Consulting Group, a strategic HR Consulting firm, has come to the knowledge of the false recruitment information allegedly posted by us in several media outlets, advertising job positions in an airline.

Additionally, fraudulent job offers have reportedly been sent via emails by individuals purporting to be the Human Resources (HR) Manager of Bezaleel Consulting, with the intention to defraud unsuspecting candidates.

Bezaleel Consulting hereby dissociates itself from such false job recruitment information and offer of employment contracts published in any newspaper, web sites, emails and others. Bezaleel Consulting did not make nor authorise any such publications.

Members of the general public are hereby notified that:

Do not make any type of payments for job vacancies. Any demand for such payment is unprofessional, unethical and ungodly.

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